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    Just-A-Swingin' — 1950's vintage

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    Happy #TBT To All, And To All A Good Night Light

    Throwback Thursday to September 24, 1998 - New York Times Late Edition
    Front Page Photo: Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Nelson Mandela, and Alphonse D'Amato
    Front Page News: The Dow was up 257 points thanks to Alan Greenspan
    Thanks to an article by Marianne Rohrlich the news for Winky&Dutch was a little further back on section F page 4
    There it was, The Winky&Dutch Space Lamp , top left hand corner, of the page most watched by the fashion flock.
    The Space Lamp was part of a story dedicated to night lights and the children who loved them.  Winky&Dutch loved the lamp and found it appropriate for anyone and everyone regardless of age. There were hard hitting quotes from Underwriters Laboratories reminding us, "lamps are not toys", despite the fact there was a photo of a 19 month old little girl kissing a lamp - which we found odd.  Luckily Steve Karchin, owner of Alphaville, made it "our article" with the mention of his childhood covered-wagon lamp and that kids now gravitate towards anything space travel related.  Enter the Space Lamp by Winky&Dutch inspired by a 1950's lunch box.    We were and are incredibly grateful to the New York Times, Marianne Rohrlich and Alphaville, for this amazing opportunity and coverage. We look forward to another one soon!