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    Just-A-Swingin' — Arizona Republic

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    It was 2001.  We were labeled as many things.
    We were vintage.  We were groovy.  We were naughty & clever.  We were a bit sassy and sweet.  We were thoughtful but never sad/blue or mean/cruel in humor or tone (even if we wanted to) because our most important assets were and are our artwork, our style and YOU.  These three things separate us from the rest!
    The Arizona Republic considered the combo of our artwork, our style and our broad appeal to "Pop & Fresh" worthy, ready viewing in their style section.
    Citing the versatility & freshness our style and artwork brings to accessories otherwise overlooked, simply just by adding our vintage tongue-in-cheek naughty, but G rated nature of our pin-up girls and/or the stark simplicity of a red on white cross.  
    Winky&Dutch has a unique & identifiable style of their own BUT we are here to enhance not block the wearers personal style even if the wearer is fast tracking her way up the corporate ladder on a stair master wearing a purse on her head. Why would we would ever want to block that?  Not in a million years.
    Do you have press, photos or news from the past about Winky&Dutch?  Share it with pr@shopwinky.com we would love to see what you found/have.