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    Just-A-Swingin' — Bizarre

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    It's Bizarre: Winky&Dutch Talks To The Hand This Throwback Thursday Circa 2000-2001

    If a picture says a thousand words , what does this slightly overstuffed picture, from the archives of Winky&Dutch have to say? Something like "Take my hand." or "Hmmm, do I need one more bracelet?" or perhaps, "Ummm someone please help me, I can't move my hand."  or a favorite of ours, "Now where did I put that petal pink thumb ring with the bumble bee artwork?".  In a fashion period where more was more, and less was unheard of, we suspect the entire concept of an "arm party" and possibly even the phrase, 'talk to the hand' started right here, at Winky&Dutch.  
    Bizarre Magazine recently folded, February 2015 being their final issue.  

    Bizarre covered alternative culture through interviews with counterculture personages.  Basically, if someone or something had a cult following, Bizarre reported on them.  

    The many loyal fans, customers and editors who loved Winky&Dutch must have been what drove Bizarre magazine directly to our front doors.  The mainstream was embracing a 'more is more' mentality and predictably, Bizarre magazine would take the less is less approach, fine-tuned monthly on their cover models.   Looking back, the most bizarre thing about this, is not the article on a convicted murderer and his art, or the cover story about man breasts, but the decision to put the non gender specific hand & arm in 2 wristbands, slap it down in front of a camera, and NOT add a single bauble, ring, or bracelet of any style on the naked hand at the top of the page.  After all this time, at Winky&Dutch we still find this....BIZARRE!