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    Just-A-Swingin' — charm bracelet

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    It was 2001.  We were labeled as many things.
    We were vintage.  We were groovy.  We were naughty & clever.  We were a bit sassy and sweet.  We were thoughtful but never sad/blue or mean/cruel in humor or tone (even if we wanted to) because our most important assets were and are our artwork, our style and YOU.  These three things separate us from the rest!
    The Arizona Republic considered the combo of our artwork, our style and our broad appeal to "Pop & Fresh" worthy, ready viewing in their style section.
    Citing the versatility & freshness our style and artwork brings to accessories otherwise overlooked, simply just by adding our vintage tongue-in-cheek naughty, but G rated nature of our pin-up girls and/or the stark simplicity of a red on white cross.  
    Winky&Dutch has a unique & identifiable style of their own BUT we are here to enhance not block the wearers personal style even if the wearer is fast tracking her way up the corporate ladder on a stair master wearing a purse on her head. Why would we would ever want to block that?  Not in a million years.
    Do you have press, photos or news from the past about Winky&Dutch?  Share it with pr@shopwinky.com we would love to see what you found/have.


    College graduation is in full swing, and that means celebratory parties, full of tears, fears and in some instances, beers. Getting her the perfect memorable gift is your number one priority.   

    The Graduation Gift List For Her, gifts that immediately become keepsakes and make you look good too.

    1. For your neighbors daughter, who was forever picking your flowers.
    The Classic Link Bracelet - Regular Price - $34 25%off Sale Price $25.50


    2. Because she is your BFF, she's a Gemini, and everyone knows a Gemini needs 2 of everything.
    The Adjustable Band Bracelet 
    Original Price $27  - Sale Price $21 - 25%off Sale Price $15.75


    3. Because your only niece loved playing in your jewelry box as a little girl.
    The Bezelball Medallion Necklace With 'Shear Clear' Glass Cabochon Reg Price $40
    25%off Sale Price $30 
    The Bezelball Ring With Our Merlot Faceted Cabochon Reg Price $45
    %off Sale Price $33.75

    4. Because you alone taught your little sister how to perfectly apply lip color and to keep her mouth shut.
    The Classic Charm 13MM Reg Price $10 25%off Price $7.50

    5. Because your little girl was aways dragging home a kitty that needed a home.
    The Classic 5 Charm Bracelet Reg Price $46 Sale Price $36 25%off Price $27

    At WINKY&DUTCH Every Item Ships Ground FOR FREE Every Day!!

    What She Wears: Chef Jin of Cooking With Jin Wearing Winky&Dutch

    Winky&Dutch is proud to provide promotional assistance and jewelry for Chef Jin of Cooking With Jin, now in its third season, airing on the Brooklyn Public Network.  Winky&Dutch exclusively provides a wardrobe of our classic American made jewelry for Chef Jin to wear in the filming of her show. In the second installment of season three , Chef Jin wears pieces from our collection, customized to her personal taste for wearing on the show. Shown below, the Classic Charm Bracelet is available in multiple versions at ShopWinky.com
    Winky&Dutch earrings and tac pins (shown below) worn by Chef Jin are not yet available on ShopWinky.com, as we are still adding finishing touches of the famous Winky&Dutch magic.  Should you have questions about pieces not yet available or would like to purchase them please feel free to email us at socialmedia@shopwinky.com and we will be more than happy to help you.
    Remember to shop at ShopWinky.com now to enjoy 25% off the entire collection by using code USAMADE25OFF at checkout.  As our gift to you, for 2015 we are giving you standard shipping in the U.S. for free.  Enjoy shopping online at ShopWinky.com!


    The Winky&Dutch Company Store Spring Sale

    The Winky&Dutch Company Store is currently CLEANING HOUSE! This means that commercially available product from our sample archive will be available here in a very limited supply, at what is also considered our Outlet Store. It is always worth a tour through the store to see what's new and what grabs your attention, welcome! [caption id="attachment_2832" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sale Announcement for The Winky&Dutch Company Store Sale Announcement for The Winky&Dutch Company Store[/caption] Spring cleaning. It is something people talk about every year, but approach with dread, but not Winky&Dutch!  At The Winky&Dutch Company Store we look forward to cleaning out our vaults of vintage treasures. Why?  Because, this gives us space to acquire more AND we get to have a huge Winky&Dutch Company Store Spring Sale with the inventory pulled from our archives and vaults. Which means you get to shop our amazing selection of cool vintage items and unbelievable ready to DIY jewelry items and receive 25% off your purchase, just spend a minimum of $10 and enter coupon code HLWPVGF4SX4J  at checkout. [caption id="attachment_2833" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Find yourself drawing a blank on the perfect DIY gift - May we suggest the bracelet blanks Find yourself drawing a blank on the perfect DIY gift - May we suggest the bracelet blanks[/caption] Sometimes we all need suggestions or assistance in finding the right DIY item to draw out the inner artist, or some assistance in discovering what flips your switch. [caption id="attachment_2834" align="aligncenter" width="300"]No matter what flips your switch the Winky&Dutch Company Store has one perfect for you No matter what flips your switch the Winky&Dutch Company Store has one perfect for you[/caption]

    #TBT Purrfection: Hello Kitty + Winky&Dutch circa 2002

    Hello Kitty!

    Here Kitty Kitty!

    Come on kitty kitty kitty, be a good kitty, come on.

    So went the cries of every retailer everywhere. It was early in the aughts and there seemed to be an unquenchable thirst for Hello Kitty. The Sanrio Hello Kitty Brand may have seemed like a mass product, but Hello Kitty didn't just jump into the licensing sandbox with just anyone.  Luckily, Winky&Dutch with their charm & tenacity acquired an official license to carry Hello Kitty within the Winky&Dutch product assortment.

    [caption id="attachment_2814" align="aligncenter" width="227"]HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO KITTY Hello Kitty flies a plane Hello Kitty rides a bike Hello Kitty paints a masterpiece Hello Kitty fries things up in a pan There is nothing HELLO KITTY can't do.[/caption]    

     There was no end to where Hello Kitty could go or what Hello Kitty could do in combination with the Winky&Dutch classic accessories.

    [caption id="attachment_2815" align="aligncenter" width="230"]Fridge Magnets were and still are a Winky&Duth signature gift to get and receive  Winky&Dutch Hello Kitty Fridge Magnets still decorate refrigerators and cubicles across the land[/caption]

    Bracelets, key fobs, earrings, and necklaces too!

    Bracelets, key fobs, earrings, and necklaces too!

    Put a bracelet on it.  One can never understand the impact of HelloKitty on Winky&Dutch - we were proud of it beyond belief.

    Even though Winky&Dutch and Hello Kitty are no longer affiliated, we encourage you to share pics of your favorite Winky&Dutch pieces from way back when, and not just on #TBT, do it anytime. Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or as a reply to this blog post