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    Just-A-Swingin' — Snappy

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    #TBT For The Love & Company of Dogs

    It was Summer 1995, Labs were still leading the trend as "the dog to have", and the women who owned them loved Shirley Temple style straw hats and seemingly D.I.Y. box shaped boldly printed vests.  It's TBT time!

    Winky&Dutch understands the love for dogs that only comes from being a dog owner, we feel we understand it better than any company.....excluding In The Company Of Dogs.  Started in 1994 as "A place with gear for dogs and the people they share their lives with."  Perfectly stated, right?
    Winky&Dutch was lucky enough to have 2 placements in their magalog: a charm bracelet with reverse hand painted dogs in the dome charms mixed with assorted bone charms, and a collar adorned with our domes featuring the same hand painted dogs.  Do you like??  Share your feedback with us on Facebook, would you like to see Winky&Dutch pet items and pet themed items in our collections in the future? Talk to us, we want to know!

    Did you know, The Winky&Dutch Company Outlet Store has all you need for a a D.I.Y. dog themed charm bracelet?  Yes we do, and all the components are 25%  off by entering coupon code: HLWPVGF4SX4J at checkout!  Go to shopwinky.com and click on the outlet tab to explore the spring sale that is bursting with D.I.Y. and Vintage treasures.
    A little extra #tbt humor pointed directly at Team Winky&Dutch - our old catalog shows collars as part of our American Made accessories assortment - sounds good so far, until we read the copy, which states, "Collars are designed as a female cutesy accessory."  WHAT?  I don't know about you but we felt there were many men that could have benefited from being collard by their gals with this cutesy accessory! Huge opportunity, huge! Enjoy your Thursday!

    TBT PART 3 - A Blonde With No Name

    Looking back at our past catalogs this is the image on the back cover - we had to grin and hope you do as well.  We found this especially humorous after the great responses we received from posting the SASSY Magazine Editorial.  In all seriousness what do you think her name should be? I mean besides Snappy or Sassy!