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    Winky&Dutch — free cufflinks

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     jazz that is played (as by a big band) with a steady beat and that uses the harmonic structures of popular songs and the blues as a basis for improvisations and arrangements


    The original 'Swing Era' had a comeback moment in the 90's as sort of a backlash against everyone dressing like a 'grunge' zombie from the pacific northwest.  Our cufflinks were cited as a key accessory for completing the look.






    WINKY&DUTCH cufflinks were, and still are considered a must have item for the well dressed man.  Scotty Morris and his book 'The Swing Book', a bible of sorts of all things 'Swing' & 'Swing Related' cited our cuff links, specifically our Bettie Page cufflinks the perfect finishing touch for the 'Man of Swing'







    Bettie Page Cufflinks are no longer available but we will happily give you a free pair of our newest cufflinks if you are one of the first 10 people who do the following

    1. Email PR@shopwinky.com

    2. In the subject line type cufflinks

    3. Look here and pick your favorite artwork  type the name of the artwork in the message portion of the email, and boom you will get a new pair of cufflinks from Winky&Dutch


    Winners will be notified by Noon PST Friday Sept 11, 2015