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    Winky&Dutch — handcuffs

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    This collection, pulled from our expansive archive, contains some of our favorite vintage pieces that represent true Winky&Dutch style. The 1987 Collection by Winky&Dutch is tied to our history, deeply rooted in designing and creating classic, American-made accessories that speak to and grow with your personal style. Winky&Dutch style can be yours with this unique collection of tac pins, cufflinks, and charms, but due to their true vintage nature, they are in limited quantities. Buy them for yourself or give them as gifts, but get them before they are gone. Shop and share the collection here. [caption id="attachment_2661" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The 1987 Collection (clockwise top right) cufflink knife cross, cuff, razor cuff, bar, camera priced 555 to 555 The 1987 Collection (clockwise top right) Old Time Radio Microphone Cufflinks,  Skull Sword & Snake Tac Pin, Bulldog  Cufflinks, Razor Blade Tac Pin, Handcuff Cufflinks, Cadillac Cruiser Tie Bar, Large Camera Charm. Entire Collection Priced $20 - $50[/caption]