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    Muhammad Ali, Legendary Boxer & Activist, Dies At 74

    Muhammad Ali, Legendary Boxer & Activist, Dies At 74

    The boxing legend, 74, was notable for a long career both in and out of the ring, serving as an iconic talker both for himself and for racial equality. 

    His first major professional bout was against Sonny Liston, the then-heavyweight champion of the world. Ali compared Liston to a "big ugly bear" and said he would "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."

    "Liston even smells like a bear," Ali said. "After I beat him I'm going to donate him to the zoo."  Thus began his fame for being quotable, on all topics..

    The next most famous opponent Ali faced was the United States government. On June 20, 1967, Ali was convicted of draft evasion after he refused to be drafted into military service during the Vietnam War.

    "I ain't got nothing against no Vietcong; no Vietcong never called me nigger," Ali famously said.

    It was four years, all during his prime, before the Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1971. Ali was 29.

    A few of his more memorable quotes:

    On Joe Frazier
    "Frazier is too ugly to be champ," Ali said of his opponent. "Frazier is too dumb to be champ."

    On preparing for his fight George Foreman:
    "I'm so mean I make medicine sick"

    On his boxing skills:
    "If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize."

    Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a disease that can result from repeated trauma to the head, in 1984.
    Ali is survived by nine children, two ex-wives, and widow Yolonda.
    Our thoughts are with them.





    There is no one like Prince.

    The artist forged his own path in the music industry, and, though often celebrated for his brilliance, Prince’s uncommon theatrics, outfits and public persona also left him misunderstood, and perceived as strange.

    He was undeniably masculine while completely comfortable tapping into the feminine side of his nature giving him the confidence to move effortlessly between the two. This lead to a remarkable stage presence and an alarmingly gentle and understanding personal presence.

    Always self aware, he of course saw himself as different. His self awareness included knowing how he was perceived by the general public as well as how the press portrayed him. Ever the genius, he knew how use perceptions and portrayals to fuel his public personae without hindering his creative process. 


    It is difficult to imagine Prince not in this life; he was the epitome of life. I loved his records, their sweetness, strangeness, and sexuality were the soundtrack to my youth as much as they were beautifully written poems expressing emotions most (especially men) could never tap into or express on their own. Most importantly, he proved that being true to yourself and putting the 'real you' out there, was not just okay, it was good, and it was what people wanted and would accept.  To see him perform was EVERYTHING, he brought his music to life on stage.

    Miles Davis had it right: Prince was some otherworldly blend of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, and Charlie Chaplin. “How can you miss with that?” Miles asked. While I always agreed with the references Miles Davis made, I felt one could also add  Rita Moreno, Tina Turner, and Diana Ross to this otherworldly blend he described.


    This blog post is not meant to focus on the silence his passing will leave behind or how much he will be missed, both are obvious. Most importantly this post is meant to share our love for this legend and the gifts he has shared. In a rare interview, he famously told Oprah when she asked what he most wanted to be remembered for, he simply replied, "the music".   Play his music at top volume! Sing, dance, laugh and remember,  keeping his music and his memory alive. It is what he wanted!

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