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    When 'Women Grow,' the workplace can finally take root...

    When 'Women Grow,' the workplace can finally take root...

    I'm excited to kick-off a monthly blog post that gets at some of the unique people, places and things that have cause and affect in the process of managing and operating an American-based manufacturing operation.

    When I joined Winky&Dutch™ in March of 2014, our company Executive Chairwoman, Alice Globus was doing something that many might say was normal, but now, through proper observation - she was doing something that really required it to be represented as extraordinary.

    In 1987, Alice's father founded Winky&Dutch™ - and it had long been a dream of Alice's to head the company, drive its growth through common-sense, innovative thought and good, honest, hard work. Taking over the family business. Very American Pie.

    And while the obvious was right in front of her - she was owning and operating a business - she learned that she was latching to the momentum of a movement - a woman and minority owned business.

    The number of family businesses run by women has grown 37% in the past five years with an average annual revenue of $26.9 million last year.

    Alice decided quickly that while she would capitalize on the resources made available to women and minority owned businesses, her future would only be secure if her contribution to the forward of commerce went bigger, brighter, bolder. Identifying as a woman owned business felt like an after-thought, rather than something with foresight. While Winky&Dutch™ was growing quickly, Alice has carefully crafted a unique blend of her personal and professional resources - one that I've been proud to implement across our marketing and product development strategic planning (trust - if your product has its history in the counter-culture, there is nothing more satisfying in seeing everything come full circle, and the counter-culture become a success mainstream!)

    Enter, WomenGrow - an organization that focused on a human rights issue, found the appropriate channels to setup to respect how humans interact with it and built the foundation to be the commercial leaders as the commercial channels were being developed - for the very first time. Alice hitched herself to a fast-moving train, creating a silo for her work developing GlobusGrowth, a venture capital fund positioning itself in the legal cannabis space and Winky&Dutch™, giving the green-light for a wide range of new products developed specifically for the industry leaders who are defining how the consume, trade, accessorize with - for the very first time, but with organic authority.

    The strengths that Alice brings back to Winky&Dutch™ following her regular industry discussions (Alice is a member of the WomenGrow speakers bureau) are beyond reproach - because she's now thinking, constantly, from the top of the totem pole. WomenGrow make the difference - in empowering smart, capable women to naturally think like an owner - but to first and foremost, to think as a leader.

    Strong leadership and leadership partners make or break the American small business. Congratulations on the continued success of WomenGrow - and make sure you're constantly checking our updated artistic asset collection for some fabulous high flying imagery - it's first-of-its-kind fashion and it's only available from Winky&Dutch™.