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    Winky&Dutch — made in new york

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    Yes its true, Winky&Dutch is headed to Brooklyn, North end of Red Hook to be specific, Brooklyn General Store at 
    128 Union Street to be exact. Phone: (718) 237-7753


    Welcome to the wonderful world of Winky&Dutch.  Here we share (and boast about?) some of our newest members of the Winky&Dutch family. These stores represent just a small portion of the fabulously unique spots where you can buy Winky&Dutch.

    Way back in the last century (1989 to be exact), All Buttons Great And Small opened its doors in Newtown. From humble beginnings, their collection has grown to over 13,000 different buttons and caters for all aspects of popular fashion and the creative community. Owner, Lucy Godoroja has created environment that provides quality buttons, in a relaxed setting where ideas are shared freely.  From formal wear to casual, adults' or childrenswear, they have it all, even an in-house button covering service.
     Location: 419A King Street, NEWTOWN, NSW 2042 Australia
    telephone: +61. (0)2. 9550 1782
    419A King Street, NEWTOWN is a suburb
    of Sydney's Inner west which is roughly 2.5 miles south-west of the central business district in Sydney, in the state of New South Wales Australia 

    Interior shot of a few of the 13,000+ buttons at All Buttons Great And Small


    Brooklyn General Store resides tucked away on a sweet block West of the Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill neighborhoods.  At the north end of Red Hook, this commercial block on Union Street used to be a thriving shopping block for all types of foods and goods.   Brooklyn General’s home within the Old Frank’s Department Store is a throw back to that era, with its preserved floor to ceiling shelves, rolling ladders and classic old wooden floors.  The vintage interior is not reproduced, just uncovered, cleaned and painted.

    Winky&Dutch is very proud to have our NY designed and handmade buttons as part of Brooklyn General Store!  Why? Because:
     Brooklyn General Store was created in an effort to provide the highest quality materials to a community of devoted artists and craftspeople and to promote making things by hand through inspiration and education.  Not only is it a place to feast your eyes and hands on glorious colors and patterns and textures  but it is a place that respects and honors a time when a trip to the country store was a way of life.

    Also when we saw this video by and about Brooklyn General we were hooked.



    The Winky&Dutch Safety Pin Brooch: A Subtle Statement Of Solidarity in The Pro-Kindness/Anti-Hate Movement

    The Winky&Dutch Safety Pin Brooch: A Subtle Statement Of Solidarity in The Pro-Kindness/Anti-Hate Movement

    The Winky&Dutch
    Safety Pin Brooch

    Anarchy Safety Pin $14.99

    In 1849 Walter Hunt was granted a patent for what we now know as the safety pin, but ancestors of todays safety pin date back as far as the Middle Bronze Age in the Second Millennium. While necessity drove the invention of the safety pin, it was inspiration from the punk movement and designers as diverse as Vivienne Westwood, Versace & Steven Sprouse who used the safety pin as a symbol of solidarity.  As a symbol the safety pin has represented everything from friendship to saying "fuck you" to "the establishment". 

    Safety Pin Dress by Stephen Sprouse Circa 1984 
    Winky&Dutch has seen the importance of and utilized the safety pin many times throughout the years in our collections. While we have a not so secret love, for all things seditious and a healthy respect, for waving a specific finger at rules & boundaries, we DO wholeheartedly support, believe in, and actively practice what the safety pin has currently come to represent. Stand with us against hate!


    We consider the pin a public display of solidarity in the emerging Pro-Kindness/Anti-Hate movement.  We will stand with those who are like minded and be an ally, a protector of sorts, for those who are vulnerable via our presence or taking action.

    A portion of the sales from the Winky&Dutch Brooch Pin will be made to Planned Parenthood


    All Pins Shown Are $14.99 & Available At ShopWinky.com


    Wholesale Inquiries: sales@shopwinky.com

    Press Inquiries: PR@shopwinky.com