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    Winky&Dutch — street style

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    "It’s not work, it’s pleasure. That’s why I feel so guilty. Everybody else does work — I have too much fun."

    "The wider world perceives fashion as frivolity that should be done away with. The point is that fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you can do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization."

    “Do you think I know what I’m doing out there? Of course I don’t. I let the street talk to me. If you’re not on the street, you don’t know anything.”

    William John Cunningham Jr. was born on March 13, 1929, in Boston, the second of four children in an Irish Catholic family. Mr. Cunningham went on to be a legendary photographer for the New York Times, a sort of cultural anthropologist photographer for the history of runway & street fashion as well as the chronicler of the fashions of the after 5  on the town set, specific to New York City for the past 40 years. Suffering from aa stroke earlier this week he died on Saturday in Manhattan. He was 87.

    We will miss his contributions greatly.