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    Birthstone Collection

    Earliest recorded history of birthstones date back to the 1st century.  Historians believed that there was twelve stones in the Priestly Breastplate, which corresponds to each month of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac.  Our artisans have hand illustrated each birthstone brought to you in our cabochon charms, cufflinks, bangles, and other accessories. 

    Don't know your birthstone?  Let us help!

    January: Garnet; Illustrated Red Gem

    February: Amethyst; Illustrated Purple Gem

    March: Aquamarine; Illustrated Light Blue Gem

    April: Diamond;  Illustrated Diamond Gem

    May: Emerald; Illustrated Green Gem 

    June: Pearl;  Illustrated White Pearl Gem

    July: Ruby; Illustrated Ruby Red Gem

    August: Peridot; Illustrated Light Green Gem

    September: Sapphire; Illustrated Blue Gem

    October: Opal; Illustrated Pink and White Opal Gem

    November: Topaz; Illustrated Yellow Gem

    December: Blue Topaz; Illustrated Bright Blue Gem