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    To my friend -

    Winky&Dutch Inc.™  was founded in 1987 by my father, Ronald Globus.  He combined his love of photography, art, and engineering with his seditious flair for life.  Maintaining his vision, we continue with our own and local artisans combining new and vintage artwork with Winky&Dutch™ ‘s  proprietary handcrafting process to manufacture our cabochons.  Each cabochon is handcrafted to order giving each piece of jewelry or accessory its own unique and vintage feel.  

    We proudly maintain our manufacturing in the United States.  By not outsourcing overseas, Winky&Dutch™  supports our local community by providing careers for veterans and local artisans right here in New York State.  We are proud to be a brand that has a distinct place in American culture - that is still made in America.  Preserving our vintage art collection that made Winky&Dutch™ the popular lifestyle brand we have always been - and we are creating new artwork to approach the limits of what is possible with modern day fashion.  This provides the Winky Family the forefront of seditious trends paired with our timeless accessories.  

    Cultivating my father’s vision, I am honored to invite you to join the Winky Family.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

    “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

    We hope our artwork catalyze you to recognize life’s stolen moments and envision a different world you can create as a member of the Winky Family.  Who is Winky?  My friend, it’s you!